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From new version releases to exciting news related to fundraising, we want our followers to stay in the loop when it comes to CAN YOU FIT ME IN . Read our updates below to find out what we’ve been up to recently, and if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to hear from our supporters.




As professionals we rate our success on tangible things we can see rather than tangible things we have contributed to.  How does one quantify a dream, how does one show people that not only are you being innovative, you didn’t do it alone nor can you do it alone. I believe that changes when you find your purpose.




I think the most promising words I have ever heard were “it took me 10 years to be an overnight success”.




Think about that.  How often do we use technology and devalue the effort that goes into it because we focus on the known products.  Products that are already out there and proved useful.  Now flip that.  Take your job…you work hard…but how often have you debated on rather or not you found your true purpose?




Not doing something when you can is the failure to act on what we fear the most…SUCCESS.  We don’t really fear failure like we think we do.  We fear success because success makes us live up to all the risk and all the hype.  But failure has an end, it sounds final and we accept it.  RISK…we avoid it at all cost!  We are afraid of things like investing in technology because we worry about the potential in technology.  We worry about not knowing where success will take us.

Like everything else technology changes.  When you find something you can point to that millions of people use every day, you have actually inspired competition, motivation or better yet hope.


Hope defines all that seek it; hope defines all that believes in it.


 So, it is through Can you Fit me In we invite you to partner with us, give to us, take from us and use us, so we can become a part of as many seconds of your day, in hopes that you know one thing…

We see you !

 We know your needs so help us give you back YOUR time.  We need your support to help our young inspiring developers and professionals keep contributing to our future.  Please support our product , talent or sponsorship.


Even if you can’t donate any money, we are always looking for people with very long reach to help us achieve our goal in becoming, not only the best booth renter, scheduling and credit card processing app out there, but be great and achieve greatness.  We can’t do it alone.


Because here at Can you Fit me In every day we see a little of us in every second of you!

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

B.Finley CEO


What We Do in SAS!

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 

Manufacturing Automation


Customer Connection





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